Our transparency

The quality of our service is up to legal and regulatory standards. We have our own system of quality standards including internal procedures, our QA manual and the following rules and code of conduct.
Whistle-blower scheme
Based in part on Article 32 of the Dutch Audit Firms Regulation, we have implemented a whistle-blower scheme so that people from outside our audit firm who work for us as well as our own people can sound the alarm if they encounter any irregularities during their work within or in relation to our audit firm without jeopardising their legal position. Click here to read the entire whistle-blower scheme.
Complaints about and/or comments on Lentink Adviesgroep's staff and services can be emailed to the Lentink's compliance officer at klachten@lentink.org.
We trust that any such concerns will be notified in good faith and be honest and well founded. All complaints and comments will be treated with the utmost care. Complaints and comments may also be submitted anonymously, in which case we vow to treat them confidentially.
Code of conduct
Our firm stands for a culture that combines commercial thrust and professional quality but where the latter is always leading. This code of conduct serves to achieve and uphold that culture and professional attitude. Click here to read the entire code of conduct.
General terms and conditions
Click here to read our general terms and conditions

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General terms
Whistle-blower scheme
Code of conduct


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