Lentink Accountants

Lentink Accountants/Tax advisers is a firm of experienced, independent auditors, tax advisers and business consultants active in all segments of SME. We have locations in Huizen, Almere and Hilversum.

A team of some 60 driven professionals and their assistants are at your service for a whole range of accountancy support, including the following:.

  • financial statements
  • voluntary audit
  • strategic and operational business planning
  • administrative organisation
  • accountancy services
  • salary administration
  • reorganisations
  • M&A services

Our statutory audit services are provided by Lentink Audit B.V., which is associated with Lentink Accountants/Tax Advisers and is specialised in statutory audits and related

and for tax advice:

  • tax structuring and restructuring
  • legal structuring and restructuring
  • tax planning
  • estate planning
  • tax returns
  • tax emigration and immigration

Our professionals are excellent sparring partners for businesses and their executives to help steer their business development and provide commercial, financial, administrative, organisational, legal and tax support.

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Huizermaatweg 460
1276 LM Huizen
Postbus 1165
1270 BD Huizen
Tel: +31 (0)35-5232575


G T. Rietveldstraat 180
1333 LJ Almere
Postbus 1165
1270 BD Huizen
Tel: +31 (0)36-5486777
Stationsstraat 2b
1211 EM  Hilversum
Tel: 035 5232575
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